High Aspect Ratio Tungsten Probe

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High Aspect Ratio Tungsten Probe

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  • 2018-09-22
High Aspect Ratio Tungsten Probe


Photomask Secure Probe 


PS(photomask Secure) series probes are ideal designed and perfect performance optimized for manipulating the object that locate at high restricted space. With width depth ratio equal or higher than 4, it would able to place the probe in the tight gap. Additionally, via performing M.S.T(Micro Surface Treatment) module, probe profile, uniformity and cleanness would be perfect for electric characteristics measurement. Perfect shape and performance is ideal for advanced particle pick-up application.


Various adapter options suitable for different manipulator


C Type Adapter 

S Type Adapter

Non-adapter Type



Advantage of PS series

  1. High aspect ratio probe is with less than 5 nm tip radius.
  2. Over 4 width depth ratios.
  3. 100% probe quality guaranty. Each probe is come with individual vacuum packing and SEM quality check imaging.
  4. Unpack and use directly. No need to performance extra cleaning procedure. The resistance for single probe is less than 80ohm.
  5. Adapter sleeved available. C or S types adapter are available options
  6. Best probe material and 100% quality controlled in Taiwan.