Feature of MESOSCOPE


Mesoscope, a world leading nano probe manufacturer


Feature of MESOSCOPE



World leading Nano-Scale Metallic Probe Maker

From 2010, MESOSCOPE designs and fabricates cleanness,
high uniformity and leading specification for failure analysis the advanced technology.

Till to 2018, there are over 35 leading wafer foundries, IC design house, Fabless companies, Failure analysis houses and academic orgnaization
qualify and use it as main source for FA applications.

Core Technology, M.S.T ( Micro Surface Treatment) 

MESOSCOPE develops MST module since 2021. The key function of MST module as following:
- Tip surface cleanness, includes oxidation, particles and big contamination.
- Surface treatment. Smooth the apex surface to increase uniformity.
- Probe apex reshape, includes adjust apex cone angle and dimension. 



Variety Solutions for Different Technology

MESOSCOPE, the only supplier that has capability to offer variety products for covering from 0.25um to 3nm and beyond technology. MESOSCOPE via MST module to create variety models for failure analysis different technology device. With serious specification definition criterion, each model has 25% body and apex dimension different.