Road map



Road map

MESOSCOPE works on the most advanced device measurement methodology. Since 2010, MESOSCOPE announces SA series for SEM based analysis, STA series for STM system, MS series for Hitachi SEM based analysis and TFA series for manipulating the object into TEM. MESOSCOPE has well capability to mass-production Nano-scale probe for engaging with technology that is smlaaer than 10nm technology.
Besides Nano-sale probe tip, MESOSCOPE also provides Micro-scle probe tip for routine electrical properities analysis. FA and PFA series are fabricated for pad, die or circuit repairing on optical microscope probe station. For meeting market and technique needs, MESOSCOPE provides 250nm curvature radius FA series and 50nm curvature radius PFA series to support different applications. 
MESOSCOPE TECH. has its own manufacturing lines to make all probe tips, MICRO-SURFACE-TERATMENT ( MST ) process, standard tip inspection control and ultra-clean package system to make sure all products are good enough to meet customers’ criterions.

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2006 / 07

MESOSCOPE Establish in Taipei, Taiwan



SA series has been used on failure analysis 28nm technology.



MESOSCOPE's CR10 and CR20 are qualified and introduced in top leading semiconductor company



  • Model of CR5 is announced and ready for failure analysis sub 10nm technology.
  • Start to cooperate with Kleindiek. 


Cooperate with FEI for Plasma FIB EFI project



  • CR5 was qualified for failure analysis 7nm technology.
  • MESOSCOPE Announces Ultra CR5 for analysis below 3nm technology.

2016 / 12

MESOSCOPE Announces "Plus" type that based on the standard type, but smaller the cone angle, thinner apex body for providing better working aspect.


2017 / 08

MESOSCOPE announces PS series for manipulating object at locate at high restricted space.